Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gelatin Oranges

This is a project I did for New Year's. I saw photos of similar gelatin treats somewhere on the web so I made them. They were cute and good. I juiced the oranges and reserved the juice to use in the jello. The jello was made like jigglers so it was sturdier than normal jellow. It was made with one small package jello and one envelope unsweetened gelatin mixed with two cups of boiling liquid (combo the juice and some water.)

A little hint: once you've juiced the orange halves, dig a spoon into the stem end of each half and use it scoop out the innards from there. It's a little easier that way.


Beth said...

These were amazingly cool to look at and delicious to nibble (and I know one little reveler who absolutely LOVED them). :)

Daugenet said...