Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shaped Cupcakes From Standard Pans

After making my heart shaped cupcakes using standard pans, I was given the idea to use more marbles to achieve other shapes.

So I made shamrocks and mushrooms. Shamrocks take four marbles (with two spaced closer together for the stem) while mushrooms take two marbles which form the stem.

My daughter thought that the mushrooms should become "Mario Mushrooms" so I decorated them accordingly.


Spool {} said...

That's a cool idea!

Craftastic said...

I have to admit, the mushrooms were, initially, a mistake. I missed putting in the extra two marbles in a few of the sections.

Anonymous said...

Use the same frosting technique that you did to make your hearts look pointed, and those mushrooms become spades. Call the shamrocks clubs, and you're three-quarters of the way to theme cupcakes for a bridge club or casino night. All you need now is a way to make diamonds.

SewLolita said...

@ anonymous- to make diamonds, all you'd need is a regular square pan, then cut the big cake into little diamonds