Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Festive Chandelier

This light fixture is a dated brass thing that was here when we moved in. I have a vintage light fixture that I was planning to put in this spot but, since just after we moved here in Sept. I've had a number of seasonal garlands wrapped around this light fixture disguising it. I used hot glue to hold up the garlands. When we were ready to remove them, I just held an icepack up to the hot glue to harden and shrink it so it peeled right off!

For Valentine's Day, I cut hearts out of double-sided cardstock. Then I simply stitched them together. I stitched down the length of one heart then, when I reached the other side, slid another heart under the sewing machine foot. It's really quick and easy. I made similar autumn garlands by stitching through loose fabric leaves and using monofilament thread.

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