Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wallet Woes

My third attempt at a wallet was the most successful. I made it with 4 credit card slots and 2 large capacity pockets (under the credit card slots) in addition to the standard money slot. Of course, I had things topsy turvy for a while when my mental imagery failed and I put something in the wrong place. I had to tear out a lot of my sewing and reassemble it properly but the final product wasn't half bad, in my opinion.

This is a vague picture of how the final product turned out:

I made myself a tutorial so I wouldn't mess that up again. I'll probably be ok now that I've spent all of the time assembling the tutorial. Making it helped me mentally organize the construction process so, in theory I'll never need to use it again. If I figure out how to post the tutorial here, I will. I guess I should just suck up my humility and ask my 10 year old.

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